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References:Garia, Dolores G. 2007. Designing Curriculum. 1st edition. Manila: Rex Books Store, Inc. , PP.

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The key to memory retention is to frequently review notes and other study materials weeks or days before tests. If possible, review notes immediately following lectures and jot down or highlight information that will probably show up on a test. You should also adapt this strategy after completing textbook reading assignments by reviewing information you highlight and chapter headings. Through repetitive review and study, you will eventually begin to retain the information being learned. By integrating data, information and material into a vivid story that you can tell, you'll be able to memorize and recall information in any subject. When developing a story for the purpose of enhancing your memory of information, focus on the key learning points and organize them within the story in a logical sequence. Why is storytelling such a powerful memorization strategy?Because each event in the story triggers your memory of the next event, so your ability to memorize information is as limitless as your ability to create, remember and tell a story. Believe it or not, talking is a very powerfuland underutilizedstrategy for improving memory. How does it work?Just talk!Talk about what you've learned. Talk about the information you need to remember. Sit down with your Mom, Dad, brother, sister or friend and tell them what you've learned.

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Things will clear up very quickly. Read Romans 3 8 over and over and overWell, is Jesus talking to Himself on the cross?It makes no sense. If Jesus was God He could jump off that cross and end the pain immediately. Bible thumpers drive me nuts. respectfully, Mr. McGraw, if Jesus had spared Himself, He could not spare YOU.

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The key point is to stop having one list. It is not a list, it is a noose. It will strangle you and starve you of the air you need to do your job. Are you controlling your inbox or is it controlling you?Look at your lists and rank them by importance have you got your priorities right?5, Career and professional development Human beings are programmed for development. St Thomas Aquinas notably identified this as natural and it became the third of his five primary precepts for what makes humans flourish. When we stop learning, growing and becoming, we run contrary to our nature as human beings. It also undermines our mental health and wellbeing. You need a clear plan of CPD. You need to feel like you have moved on this year. Do you feel you are still becoming a better teacher?How much effort and attention have you put into developing your craft recently?What is your vision for where you want to be one year, three years and five years from now?6, Staff relationships/working collaboratively We are social animals. Our need for a sense of belonging has long been acknowledged as one of our core needs as human beings.

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Doing both would be worth it even if you're going over some stuff you already know. and yeah it's worth being skeptical, most of the ones I found out there were worthless. I totally agree with what Rand said. MM contains the most practical material, and covers more advanced stuff. and SEC which Kalena is currently adding more advanced stuff too right now is really thorough and in depth. Doing both would be worth it even if you're going over some stuff you already know.

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