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Note the 80 year gap. And understand 2020 is 80 years since the last major test of human fortitude and courage. I find myself pondering what trigger will ignite the next phase of this Crisis period. A financial crash resulting in a bail in from 401k holders to sustain the Wall Street cabal would push people into the streets i. e. Hong Kong, Paris. A leftist president attempting to initiate national gun confiscation would provoke violence in the streets. Lastly, if the government tried to force my three sons to fight in a foreign war for oil, the gloves would come off and Id take to the streets. I will continue to fight the establishment through the free thought allowed on my blog. Its good ideas and freedom of thought which are the only hope for generating a positive outcome at the climax of this Fourth Turning. The gathering storm approaches.

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What to ask to fulfill the OSCEs examiner checklists and cover the differential diagnosis?You'll Get Questions Templates, One For Each Body System, Covering All Possible Patient Complaints. Templates That Cover All Related Differential Diagnosis And Covers The Medical OSCE Exam Checklists Even If You Couldn't Figure Out The OSCE Station Differential. Key Questions To Differentiate The Causes Are Included And Marked. You'll appear Experienced!2. How to ask the patient questions without leading him or appear judgmental or disrespectful?. You'll Get Ready To Use Questions Templates Of What, How, And When To Ask The Patient. Not Only Checklists That You Need To Figure Out How To Ask About Them Yourself In Your Medical OSCE Exam. Complete History Taking Templates For ALL OSCEs In ALL Specialties. Just Memorize and Practice Them!You'll Be Knowledgeable and Understanding!3. How to phrase your questions and comments to be ethically and legally correct even if English is your mother language?. You'll Get Complete Carefully Phrased Sentences That Show Respect, No Judgment, And Yet Time Efficient And Comprehensive.

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