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Information for staff can be found here on the Staff Hub. Our External Examiners play a crucial role in helping us to assure the appropriateness of the standards of our awards, the quality of assessment opportunities afforded to students and the soundness and fairness of our assessment processes. We also welcome your independent and insightful perspective on the standard of our students' performance compared with those on similar programmes in other UK universities. Your role contributes to the academic integrity of our institution. We value your contribution in assuring the quality of vital elements of our students' experience, enabling us to ensure that high quality teaching, learning and assessment are developed and maintained. We aim to establish clear and effective dialogue with External Examiners, to provide you with all necessary information, and to draw on your informed view to enhance assessment for our students. These resources form part of this dialogue. Here you will find information about the External Examiner system at Salford, but perhaps more importantly, you will also find the names and contact details of colleagues whom you can approach directly should you need help. On behalf of the University, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for acting as an External Examiner for the University of Salford. My colleagues and I look forward to working with you and we hope that you will find these resources useful. Best wishes,Dr Sam GroganPro Vice Chancellor Student ExperienceOur External Examiners play a crucial role in helping us to assure the appropriateness of the standards of our awards, the quality of assessment opportunities afforded to students and the soundness and fairness of our assessment processes.

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Remember the companys television commercial of not so long ago, ending with the reverberating phrase, Ask why, why, why? That question is now on everyones lips. The Enron case is a dream for academics who conduct research and teach. For those currently or formerly involved with the company, such as creditors, auditors, the SEC and accounting regulators, its a nightmare that will continue for a long time. Formal investigations of Enron are now under way, headed by the companys board, the SEC, the Justice Department and Congress. The exact causes and details of the disaster may not be known for months. The purpose of this article is to summarize preliminary observations about the collapse, as well as changes in financial reporting, auditing and corporate governance that are being proposed in response by Big Five accounting firms, the AICPA and the SEC.

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He held a number of roles at the General Medical . Rachel Miller qualified at Newcastle Dental School in 2001. Following posts in general practice, dental access centres and clinical academia . Sanhita Subramanian qualified at Liverpool Dental School in 1990. After completing vocational training she entered general practice, working in NHS . Tim Bailey has over 25 years experience in dispute resolution and investigations, specialising mainly in consumer complaints and professional conduct . Wayne has over 30 years experience of working in consumer protection and professional services regulatory environments. His experience includes having been . The Academic Council of the University of Limerick is charged under the University of Limerick Act with ensuring academic standards and the quality of all awards made by the University. In accordance with the University's quality assurance procedures, Academic Council appoints external examiners to all taught programmes to provide an independent view and report on student performance, programme outcomes and proposed awards. Academic Council examination boards will consider recommendations from faculty examination boards and submissions from both internal and external examiners before determining students' final awards.

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I was willing to give her a break until she dredged up a year old accusation about how Bernie insulted her by saying a woman could never win the nomination. Gee, Bernie was right. Of course, she sold out to Obama on Super Tuesday. Sure racists supported Trump. Tell me something I don't know. However, don't give me a line about how anyone who votes for Trump is a racist. Likewise, sexists hated Hillary. I didn't vote for her Hey, are you calling me a sexist?I put my money behind Tulsi maxed out Twice. Maybe Tulsi is a transvestite or something. /sHillary's involvement in the murder of Berta Caceres could not possibly have anything to do with my decision to not vote for President in 2016. /s Hillary was the one who said the election was a "done deal", not me.

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Hiking at my age and with the physical challenges?Still can do but have to keep it light in my back and feet. Always good to see something new in mother nature. 30. Cooking Dont wine and cooking go together?31. Eating Out Not a hobby people. This should be considered a priviledge due to your own achivements during x or y period. Or a family activity. Either way do not forget to pay the rent to the one and only afterwards go back to 10. 32. Dating Online Do not need to. 33.

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