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The audience must also accept the speaker as a credible source of information. Being prepared, citing credible sources, and engaging the audience help establish a speakers credibility. Last, an audience must perceive the speaker to be trustworthy and not have a hidden agenda. Avoiding persuasion is a common challenge for informative speakers, but it is something to consider, as violating the speaking occasion may be perceived as unethical by the audience. Be aware of the overall tone of your speech by reviewing your specific purpose and thesis to make sure your speech isnt tipping from informative to persuasive. Speakers can look to three areas to help determine if their speech is more informative or persuasive: speaker purpose, function of information, and audience perception Verderber, 1991. First, for informative speaking, a speakers purpose should be to create understanding by sharing objective, factual information. Specific purpose and thesis statements help establish a speakers goal and purpose and can serve as useful reference points to keep a speech on track. When reviewing your specific purpose and thesis statement, look for words like should/shouldnt, good/bad, and right/wrong, as these often indicate a persuasive slant in the speech. Second, information should function to clarify and explain in an informative speech. Supporting materials shouldnt function to prove a thesis or to provide reasons for an audience to accept the thesis, as they do in persuasive speeches.

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, 1999. Materials and the Embodiment of Meaning. In, Jo Anna Moore Ed. Crafts and Education, Haystack. Deer Isle, ME: Haystack Mountain School of Craft. Burton, J. M. , 1996. Briefing Paper on Student Learning in and Through the Arts. In, Edith Zimmerman, Ed.

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Air quality issues from industrial farming can also be more locally felt. In North Carolina, for example, neighbors of a hog farm operated by Murphy Brown filed a lawsuit in 2014 against the owners complaining of nuisance noises and odors, worsening their quality of life. Theirs was one of a number of lawsuits against Smithfield Foods, Murphy Browns parent company. The plaintiffs from that particular suit were recently awarded $473. 5 million. But the state legislature also passed a law limiting the legal action that residents can now take against neighboring CAFOs.

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They never heard of it. When I was a floor trader guys would come to me and say, "Al, what do you have on?" and my reply, "Nothing" drew a shocked look. "How can you be down here on the floor and not be trading?" It is very simple, I was there to make money, not to trade. Many times you should not be doing anything. It is the same for the average investor. He should be in cash when there is a bear market as there is right now.

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