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Persons with dissociative disorders and PTSD related to childhood trauma have also been found to have shrinkage of this gland. This gland is associated with how one handles fears and is a gateway to memory storeage. It is unknown how many other millions of processes are involved with this gland but it does communicate with the hypothalmus and other glands in the brain. It is hypothesized the hypervigilante states of fear in child abuse victims cause them to not route memories and feelings through the AMYGDALA Gland which helps hide the memories of the abuse somewhere else in the brain so these memories do not go into long term storeage. I have been a counselor at a public Family Violence/Sexual Assault center for 17 years. My collegues and I have always found a very significant number of adults clients in therapy for childhood trauma that have reported diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue syndrome. As many as one fourth of our clients at times, in a large metro area have this disease. Therefore, we believed long ago that there was a relationship between this disease and childhood traumas. It is also explains why there are more females with this disease: More females experience long term molestion and repeated molestations in childhood. Several studies have found that children who were raped and taken to hospitals for treatment do not remember the events later in life. Therefore, some people may have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from childabuse incidents that they do not remember.

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From the 1990 election cycle through September 2020, gun rights and various other interest groups reported the following political contributions to federal candidates: For facts about the underreporting of political contributions by unions, visit Just Facts research on unions. For facts about the mislabeling of semi automatic firearms as weapons of war, visit Just Facts article Deadly Falsehoods About the Orlando Shooting and Gun Control. The President of the United States appoints justices to the Supreme Court. These appointments must be approved by a majority of the Senate. Once seated, federal judges serve for life unless they voluntarily resign or are removed through impeachment, which requires a majority vote of the House of Representatives and two thirds of the Senate. Senate rules previously allowed for a filibuster, in which a vote to approve a judge or Supreme Court justice could be blocked unless a super majority of the senators typically 60 out of 100 agreed to let it take place. These rules were repealed: In 2008, the U. S. Supreme Court ruled 5 to 4 that a Washington, D. C. handgun ban was unconstitutional because it violated the Second Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms more details below.

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Large and bright globulars that are about 20 or larger like M4, M5, M13, M22, and C80 Omega Centauri are an absolute treat to resolve at medium to high power because they look just like their pictures. Having a large enough scope is the icing on the cake!Galaxies are notoriously disappointing through a telescope because of their dim appearance. Most of the time, theyll just look like dim smudges because only their cores are bright enough to see visually. Visually, do not expect to glimpse any structure and detail unless 1. the galaxy itself appears big and bright enough, 2. the sky is dark enough, and 3. you have a large enough telescope!You know where mainstream media sites get their information?From people like us!Support Your Neighborhood Astronomers!Everything is free, but donations help keep the website alive and go towards outreach events!Its been 30 years since In Living Color premiered and the occasion of that anniversary sparked a thought: while theres little competition for Saturday Night Lives crown as lords of sketch comedy right now, the launch of that show did spark a minor arms race. All of a sudden, new options rushed in, creating fertile ground for innovation and inspiration thats still being felt. What stands as the best of these shows across that 30 year span and how has SNL evolved, impacted, and been impacted by the changing landscape?Thats what we decided to explore in this ranking of the top 20 sketch shows of the last 3o years. Before we get started, however, lets discuss the rules of engagement: 20 is an arbitrary number that, unfortunately, cuts off notable options like The Whitest Kids You Know, Little Britain, Tracey Takes On, and others. We dont feel good about that, but were moving forward.

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