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Kay and David Fischer in Miami and Josh Replogle in Parkland contributed to this report. Syntactic Structures is an influential work in linguistics by American linguist Noam Chomsky, originally published in 1957. It is an elaboration of his teacher's, Zellig Harris's, model of transformational generative grammar. A short monograph of about a hundred pages, Chomsky's presentation is recognized as one of the most significant studies of the 20th century, and in 2011 was selected by Time magazine as one of the 100 most important nonfiction books ever written. It contains the now famous sentence "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously", which Chomsky offered as an example of a grammatically correct sentence that has no discernible meaning. Thus, Chomsky argued for the independence of syntax the study of sentence structures from semantics the study of meaning. Based on lecture notes he had prepared for his students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chomsky's first book presented contemporary developments in early generative grammar. The approach to syntax is fully formal based on symbols and rules. At its base, Chomsky uses phrase structure rules, which break down sentences into smaller parts. These are combined with a new kind of rules which Chomsky called "transformations". This procedure gives rise to different sentence structures.

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To the Constitutional Court, the Office of the State Prosecutor, the Attorney Generals Office, the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman, and the Office of the Attorney for the Defense of the People in the subjects that pertain to them in accordance with their attributions. 5. To the citizens who are in possession of their political rights and the social organizations that benefit from the support of at least zero point twenty five percent 0. 25% of the citizens registered in the national voter registration list. 6. Those who submit bills in accordance with the present provisions will be able to participate in their discussion, either personally or by means of their delegates.

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However, please know that we are no less excited about reconnecting with those students, whose online learning participation may not have been quite so evident over recent weeks. Term 4 will present an opportunity for us to reconnect as a school community in a very meaningful way, after several highly unusual and disjointed months. No doubt this too will present some complexities, as we all transition back into a busy routine of onsite teaching and learning. But if we all remember the enduring significance of our values; Respect, Learning and Working Together, we should feel confident that this will be a successful and rewarding experience for all. The sun is shining after what has seemed a long winter, and COVID 19 transmission cases are dropping hopefully things are looking up. Thank you again for your support across this term. Please keep safe, stay well informed, and have a truly terrific and well earned break!Alumni Program News Darren Dickson the Design ProcessEarlier in Term 3, we were lucky enough to welcome Darren Dickson Newcomb HS alum 1977 1980 as a virtual guest speaker for students in five classes across two sessions. Darren left school after Year 10 and completed an apprenticeship in graphics reproduction, before deciding to pursue a career in surfboard shaping. 30+ years later, Dicko Surfboards has become a success and allows him to indulge his passion for surfing every day. The Alumni QandA took place just before schools went back into remote learning. Darren answered questions about his career pathway, following his dreams, achieving work life balance, starting a business, working with clients, the skills needed to become a surfboard shaper, and much more.

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