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The students downloaded and edited their own photos before filing them for use on the website. We ask them to show us their world, the real East London, Leeson says. What spots do you think are good?Where do you go shopping?Where do you buy your chips?While the guide is still growing, the students have already documented more than 150 sites, from cafes and flower shops to the Olympic park. Even though most of the youths have little photography experience, the quality of their work has been a pleasant surprise for Leeson. Im often amazed. I didnt expect them to take such good photos, and their pictures are just getting better and better.

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NOTE: For students in faculties with departments, their academic unit is the department. For students in Education or Engineering, their academic unit is their program area. All other faculities and schools are considered to be the academic unit for their students. RE POSTED 01: Marcus Ong said. Yes, results are out, Hearts may give out,But never give up,Graduating gives living a lift up. Best wishes, dear studentsRE POSTED 02:February 22, 2010 11:01 AM Anonymous said. Wow I heard F8 in SunwayTes under Ms Kirren was disastrous. So many people fail!I wonder why people still willing to study under such lecturer. Don't they know anything about customer right to choose?And more fascinating is that why is SunwayTes still maintaining such a lecturer?Are they not aware?Or is management over sight?RE POSTED 03:February 23, 2010 1:06 AM Marcus Ong said. Hi Anonymous,Never underestimate the intelligence of ACCA students. There are many reasons why they choose to be in Sunway.

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Its very rare for universities to ask for any NAPLAN scores, and since most universities rely on you meeting certain application requirements tied to majors, you shouldnt worry about scores slowing you down. Your NAPLAN score may not affect your chances of getting into university, but that doesnt mean that your scores should be ignored. NAPLAN scores can show where your lagging behind your peers. Low scores in certain disciplines may mean its time for a tutor. Its also important to point out that even though most universities wont ask for your NAPLAN scores, there are plenty of high schools that will place a lot of weight on them. There are plenty of specialty schools and private schools that have very strict rules around admission and NAPLAN scores. If you score too low on the test or in certain areas, you may not be able to get into the high school that you want. Now that you can see how important it is to do well on the NAPLAN, you may be trying to think of ways you can improve your chances to get a high score. Luckily for you, there are plenty of simple things you can do that can improve your test scores and help you prepare for the test the right way. If NAPLAN season is close, theres no need to worry. Make sure you follow these tips and youll pass with flying colours.

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But its important to know when its not your time and to know how you can best serve your community and country. Gillibrand failed to qualify for the third presidential debate scheduled for next month, a development that she described as fatal to her candidacy. The most vaunted title in Silicon Valley is, has been, and ever will be founder. Its less of a title than a statement. I made this, the founder proclaims. I invented it out of nothing. I conjured it into being. If this sounds messianic, thats because it is. Founder culture or more accurately, founder worship emerged as bedrock faith in Silicon Valley from several strains of quasi religious philosophy. 1960s era San Francisco embraced a chemical, hippie led revolution inspired by dreams of liberated consciousness and utopian communities. This anti establishment counterculture mixed surprisingly well with emerging ideas about the efficiency of individual greed and the gospel of creative destruction.

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